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Xiao Chen

Research Engineer, Ford Werke GmbH

Xiao Chen is a research engineer of the Advanced Materials CAE team in Ford’s Research and Innovation Center in Aachen, Germany. Since joining Ford Motor Company in 2005, Xiao Chen has been working on various CAE projects. Currently he is responsible in his research team for developing lightweight optimization solutions.
Xiao Chen holds degrees in bachelor of engineering in vehicle engineering from the Tsinghua University and Masters of Science in computational engineering from Ruhr University Bochum.


Lightweight Multidisciplinary Optimization for Vehicle Part Design
Industries [Automotive]
Sala Acqua, Tue, 17/05/2016 - 16:00 - 16:20

Tight emission standards and the demand on fuel efficiency lead to cost-efficient lightweight design, which is one of the key factors being successful in automotive industry. Meanwhile multiple attribute requirements, different constraints as well as various available materials make finding the optimal solution impracticable without a comprehensive optimization tool. This presentation demonstrates the advantages and necessity of multidisciplinary optimization to achieve lightweight design in component level. Furthermore it shows that modeFONTIER and its capability to integrate CAE software facilitates the optimization process.

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