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Teresa Montrone

PhD student, Università del Salento, Esteco SpA

Teresa Montrone is a phd student in Mathematics at University of Salento, Lecce. She has also been working at ESTECO SpA since 2013, belonging to the Numerical Method Group.


Energy Consumption Minimization in Railway Planning with modeFRONTIER
Sala Terra, Tue, 17/05/2016 - 15:10 - 15:30

The estimation of running times is essential for the railway timetable definition. The trains travel duration must respect some constraints depending on the railway network. Usually, the running times minimize the trains travel duration on the railway network. However, the running times are usually calculated without considering the energy consumption. The green transportation has recently gained significant importance. In this work, the energy consumption in the running times estimation is taken into account by defining an optimization problem to calculate the running times for the railway timetable definition. This optimization problem finds the running times which minimize both the duration of a trains travel and the energy consumption. Precisely, a model to handle the optimization problem with modeFRONTIER is defined. The model is tested on a case study and the results are validated with the OpenTrack Railway Simulation Tool.

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