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Romain Soulier

Technical Manager, EnginSoft France

Technical Manager at EnginSoft France, Romain Soulier coordinates a team of mechanical engineers. His main focus is on thermal hydraulics simulation in the field of Energy.

He received his Master’s Degree in Mechanics at the ENSIAME Engineering school in France and then specialized in turbulence modeling at the Chalmers University in Sweden. During the Master, he worked at the Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education in CFD to model LES of the flow around a train shape, then worked at the Onera, the French Aerospace Lab, to develop an unstructured mesh partitioner for the elsA software.


Industries [Manufacturing]
Sala Aria, Tue, 17/05/2016 - 17:40 - 18:00

MUSICAS is a project aimed to demonstrate that the rational integration of existing software in a business infrastructure, complemented by a limited multiphysics modelling R&D of the welding process, can consider automating processes corresponding to the effective methodologies in the industry. The project's objective is to achieve and qualify a precompetitive demonstrator of a consistent and scalable solution including: - complete modelling chain from process parameters (from the soldering bath to the assemblies), - prototyping of associated services: methodological guides, best practice and operating in the HPC cloud, - characterization criteria for commercial deployment in a service, exploitable in the design, sizing and R&D, from the detailed analysis to the modelling process as a whole and the behaviour of the resulting assemblies.

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