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Martin Lamut

Head of multidisciplinary laboratory, Space-SI

Martin Lamut joined Space-SI in 2011 as a member of WP6 Development of multidisciplinary laboratory for on-ground testing of space technologies. In 2012 he was appointed Head of Multidisciplinary laboratory at Space-SI. His research area includes Mechanical characterization of materials, Micro-macro numerical modelling and environmental testing. At Space-SI his main research experience has been gained in the areas of satellite mechanical design and satellite thermal control design, modelling and testing. During his professional career he was six years employed as a researcher at Institute of Metals and Technology in Ljubljana. He holds an MSc in Mechanical Engineering received from Imperial College, London 2006 and PhD in Materials sciences received from University of Ljubljana in 2010.


Identification of mechanical properties based on Nanoindentation experiment
Industries [Aerospace]
Sala Aria, Tue, 17/05/2016 - 16:40 - 17:00

In this work an experimental and a computational study of Nanoindentation test is presented. Typically when designing advanced engineering materials (altering chemical composition or introducing new thermal treatment) a small amount of material is produced and it would be highly beneficial to the development process, if as much as possible material properties could be extracted from the available sample material within one experimental test. Identification of mechanical properties of specimen materials is conducted with physical experimentation followed by simulation and optimization to fit the simulation result to the experimental data. Nanoindentation test combined with inverse analysis can provide quickly and accurately mechanical properties in the form of Yielding point, Young modulus, work hardening exponent and Hardness.

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