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George Korbetis

‎Customer Services, Senior Supervisor, BETA CAE Systems S.A.

George Korbetis received his degree in Mechanical Engineer from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. After working for several years in Machine Design field, Korbetis joined BETA CAE Systems S.A. Customers Service department in 2001 and he is now specialized in Morphing and Optimization applications.


Robust Design Optimization of a Free-Fall-Life-Boat (FFLB)
Industries [Marine]
Sala Acqua, Wed, 18/05/2016 - 10:40 - 11:00

The FFLBs are fully enclosed vessels, used for emergency evacuation from ships and offshore structures. They are launched from a specifically designed tilted platform on which they slide and then free fall, until entry to the seawater. It is of great importance to predict the behavior of such vessels at the early design stages and assure the proper function in hazardous conditions. Critical parameters such as, occupants’ acceleration, vessel’s strength and successful moving away from the accident area, have to be considered during the design and verification process.

Combined CFD and FEA algorithms are used to analyze vessel’s behavior, where numerous iterations are needed to succeed convergence, including interpolation of the dynamic loads from the CFD to the FEA. However, the use of an FSI algorithm can acquire results much faster and thus the design optimization can become a realistic and cost effective approach.

In this paper, a case study of a FFLB analysis is presented using an FSI solver. A Kinematic solver calculates the initial conditions of the FSI analysis for different initial positions of the vessel, provided by the DoE Tool. The results lead to useful conclusions regarding the proper angle and height of the launch platform, in order to achieve an acceptable motion pattern of the vessel.

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