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Barbara Reggiani

Senior Researcher, University of Bologna

Dr. Barbara Reggiani is senior researcher at the Industrial Department of the Bologna University (Italy) since 2008. She is contract professor of "Non-conventional machining" at the University of Bologna for the Mechanical degree. She received her PHD degree from University of Bologna discussing a thesis on numerical models dedicated to investigate the fatigue phenomena. Since 2008 her activities have been focused on the developments and applications of numerical simulation for the optimization of the aluminum extrusion process both in terms of die life and product quality. In the last 8 years she has been author of a number of works presented at international conferences and published in scientific journals of international relevance.


A novel comprehensive approach for multi-objective optimization of the aluminum extrusion process
Sala Aria, Wed, 18/05/2016 - 10:40 - 11:00

The process design and optimization of aluminum extrusion profiles can be extremely challenging since a number of different and potentially conflicting goals are involved such as strict profile tolerances, high mechanical properties, aesthetical surfaces and extended die lifetime. In this context, aim of the present work was to carry out a multi-objective optimization of industrial porthole dies for the maximization of the profile quality (seam welds strength), of the production rate (flow balance and ram speed) and of the die strength.

Two industrial profiles were investigated, a thick round tube and a more complex industrial case of a hollow rectangular profile. In the former, the gain achieved by the optimal design was compared with the experimental evidences of an already optimized configuration showing ad additional increase in terms of welding strength and flow balance. For the rectangular profile, most significant improvements were attained not only for the seam welds quality but also for the die strength if compared to the performances of a starting configuration.

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