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Ali Karakoç

Chief Researcher, Tubitak Sage

Ali Karacoç is Defence Systems Engineer in TUBITAK SAGE since 2007. Before joining Tubitak company, Ali Karacoç has been working as Automotive Engineer in OTAM. Ali Karacoç received his undergraduate degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Istanbul Technical University in 2006 and bachelor degree in mechanical engineering in 2010.



Multi-Disciplinary Design and Optimization of Air to Surface Missiles
Industries [Electronics]
Sala Terra, Wed, 18/05/2016 - 10:00 - 10:20

This study focuses on the external configuration design of a tactical missile based on maximizing flight range while minimizing the radar signature which is a crucial performance parameter for survivability. It is known that shaping of a missile according to aerodynamic performance may have significant negative effects on the radar cross section. Thus, the impact of the geometry changes on the aerodynamic performance and the radar cross section is investigated.

Surrogate models for the flight range, control effectiveness and the radar cross section (RCS) at an X band frequency are established by employing Genetic Algorithm. Accurancies of surrogate models are discussed in terms of statistical parameters. Seventeen geometrical parameters are considered as the design variables. Optimum combinations for the design variables are sought such that flight range is maximized while the radar cross section is minimized. The multi objective optimization problem is solved by imposing the static stability margin as a hard nonlinear constraint. Weighted sum approach is utilized to compare results with known missile configurations. Weights for flight range and Radar Cross Section are varied to obtain Pareto optimal solutions.  

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